Accounting Services

At BAND, we believe your accountant should do a lot more than just report on how your business is doing. Where you want us to, we will work alongside you to help you define your business strategy and achieve your business goals. We will make your goals central to our commitment to you. We recognize the unique challenges you face and provide the support you need to meet them. We are an organization that looks after the interest of its client.

The accounting service offered by us includes receipt and inventory of accounting documents from the client, their accounting in real time, correct accrual of taxes due, timely preparation of information, returns and reports, their submission to the relevant institutions within the deadlines set. All this we do under liability for our work, which is agreed in a written contract with each and any of our clients.

Find below some main elements included into the range of our services:

  • accounting policy and chart of accounts according to the client spesifics;
  • posting primary accounting documents;
  • accounting and tax depreciation plans;
  • cost of goods (services) sold;
  • valuation of assets and liabilities;
  • reports and financial statements;
  • returns, declarations, including electronic reporting;
  • representation, payment documents, e-banking;
  • registrations and changes in front of NRA, NSSI, BNB, NSI;
  • double taxation exemption;